3 things to consider for 2019 MIPS reporting

June 10, 2019

Have you started your 2019 Merit-based Incentive Payment System reporting yet? If not, here are a few things to consider so you can avoid the 7 percent Medicare penalty:

Alone or together?

1. Are you reporting as a group, or as an individual? Remember, this is the first year that groups of 16 or more eligible clinicians MUST report as a group via registry.

Know your measures

2. Have you selected the quality measures you plan to report yet? Don’t just expect quality reporting to be business-as-usual, several measures were “retired” for 2019 and are no longer in use, including three of the eight pathology-specific measures. You must still report at least 60 percent of your data for six measures, including one outcome or high-priority measure, unless you have fewer than six applicable measures to report on. In that instance, you must report all measures that apply to you.

The bar has been raised

3. Are you aware of what you need to do to achieve the penalty threshold of 30 points? In past years, simply reporting some quality measures or completing your improvement activities was enough to avoid a penalty altogether. That’s no longer the case, so even those looking to do the bare minimum will need to report both categories in order to avoid the 7 percent penalty in 2021!

Be sure to reach out to us at 517-486-4262 if you’re struggling with any of these questions. We can help get you on a track to successful (and painless) reporting.

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