A helping hand: understanding the COVID-19 billing curve

March 30, 2020

Commentary from Vachette CEO Mick Raich:

As we are all in the same boat — business owners with payroll and expenses — we’d like to help you through this challenge.  I understand your stress completely, as I am a small business owner also. 

There is a large amount of fear in the unknown.  Let us help you ease your fears, free of charge. 

We have developed a revenue model called the COVID CURVE.  We can easily and quickly import your last three months of billing revenue into the model to give you an idea how your next three months will look.  Simply send us a screenshot of your billing sheet, charges, payments and adjustments for the last three month or longer, and we will send you back a predictive analysis of how this crisis will affect your practice until the end of the year.

You will want this document to ease your mind, and to help you, your employees and shareholders understand the near present future.  You can also present this to your banker when you apply for your stimulus loan.

We are doing this for all of our current and past clients, and we’d be happy to do this for you. We are a medical revenue auditing firm, we can help alleviate your fears in this time of need by giving you some answers, specifically: what will your revenue look like until this crisis is over?  Call us or send an email to mraich@vachettepathology.com. Call me directly at 517-403-0763 if you have questions. I will help ease your fears while we work towards a solution.

Kindly, respectfully and most sincerely,

Mick Raich


Vachette Pathology / Stark Medical Auditing

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