Adding COVID-19 Testing

Do you want to add COVID-19 testing to your test menu or set up a COVID-19 lab?

We have a solution.

COVID-19 testing is not going away, so this is your opportunity to be a part of the solution and share in the revenue. Vachette and its lab partner can bring testing into your existing lab or assist in building a new lab from the ground up — including equipment purchase or lease, reagents, test kits, supplies, and the personnel to make it happen. We can do this for you faster than anyone else in the business.

  • Our lab services partner is the national leader in lab staffing, management consulting, and they have a documented history of lab builds.
  • Vachette will build the revenue models and projections, establish proper billing procedures, and make sure you are compliant.

Make the call to find out more. COVID-19 testing is here to stay, so start your new test line or lab today.

Contact us today to get started:

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Contact us today to learn more about adding COVID-19 testing to your menu:

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