Anthem reportedly undergoing Georgia DOI market conduct review, reports MAG

January 6, 2021

The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) is reporting that the Georgia Department of Insurance (DOI) may be conducting a review of Anthem’s conduct within the state.

As part of this announcement, MAG is encouraging providers to report instances where Anthem has failed to live up to its contractual obligations to the DOI.

In a press release announcing this action, MAG Corporate Relations Director Ryan Larosa said the DOI and Commissioner John King have broad powers to protect consumers. Georgia law allows the commissioner to examine the conduct of any licensee when deemed necessary to protect the interests of the public.

“These conduct reviews can look at business practices from prior years, so physicians should report every instance that Anthem has not fulfilled its contract obligations,” Larosa said in the release.

Providers and their staff should contact DOI’s Gregg Conley at to report every instance that Anthem has not fulfilled its contractual obligations.

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