CAP ’10 Transformation Plenary

January 5, 2011

During CAP ‘10, the College of American Pathologists (CAP) hosted the CAP ‘10 Transformation Plenary. Their objective was to examine the economic reality, technological development and the emerging healthcare models that are redefining the physician’s role around patient outcomes and how will the pathologist fit into this picture.

CAP states on their website that the goal of transformation is to strengthen and defend the value proposition that pathologists offer to patients and fellow clinicians. CAP’s aspirations is for this transformation to have a huge impact on the way you practice, how you are perceived by patients and colleagues alike, and how you are reimbursed for your services.

Mick Raich, President/CEO of Vachette Pathology had the honor of being a guest speaker during this Transformation Plenary. Provided below is a link to the video of the CAP ’10 Transformation Plenary. If you did not have the opportunity to attend, Mr. Raich gives some insight on what the current economic realities are for the pathologist and the implications on moving forward.

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