Client References

The following is a list of references from current and past clients of Vachette. If you are considering doing business with us and would like references from a specific line of business or area of the country, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Robbie Graham, M.D.

Laboratory Medical Director, General Pathologist, and Hematopathologist

Comanche County Memorial Hospital

“When it comes to Pathology billing, Vachette is the go-to expert. They will get your billing and reimbursement processes running like a well-oiled machine.”

Lucent Pathology Partners

“We partner with Vachette because they are always a step ahead. They have strengthened our practice with their knowledge and expertise. We appreciate their dedication and integrity!” 

Dr. Gerald Weiss

“Vachette has been a true ally through the years, battling the slings and arrows of the Pathology world. I can rely on them to keep up with the laws and issues we face, while I focus on Pathology and patient care. They provide oversight and scrutiny over our billing office, which sometimes needs prodding. Mick Raich stepped up at a time when I needed him most. They have all been good, and Amy has been exceptional. They have my back, and I appreciate the help.” 

Carolyn Chen, M.D.

Beaver Valley Pathology

“Vachette is a great asset for us, especially in helping us stay current with the ever-changing Medicare regulations and negotiating contracts, when possible. The staff are helpful and responsive to our questions and are in regular contact with us regarding issues that may come up. They definitely free up our time so we can concentrate on Pathology!”

North Pathology Associates

“Our group has used Vachette for many years. When we started they did an in-depth investigation of our billing process and identified areas where we could make improvements and increase our monthly revenue. They took us through two different RFP processes for billing agencies and helped identify the best match for us. They were closely involved in our EPIC upgrade and helped prevent potential billing losses. Through all of this they have been knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. Currently, Vachette has been a resource we can count on to provide us with timely updates on Covid government relief programs and getting the assistance we need. They have provided us with data on how our loss of volume relates to future revenue and displayed integrity by reducing their fee during our lowest months. Vachette has an in-depth knowledge of the billing cycle and is aggressive in keeping tabs on our billing agency to make sure we are recovering everything that is due. It has given us piece of mind and allowed us to spend more time practicing medicine and less time on practice management. I highly recommend them.”

Dr. Merle Madigan

“Our pathology group has been using Vachette for the past year and have been very happy with the service. For the first time I feel confident that our billing company is compliant and giving us the service we need. Vachette helped us renegotiate our contract with a substantial savings. They also assisted in switching to a more effective collection service. It is nice to know that help is one call or text away and that I can trust their advice.”

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