CMS Denies Professional Billing For Pathology Codes Print

January 14, 2013

Medicare (CMS) is working with their intermediaries to determine the extent of their underpayment for professional billing.  It seems some codes were erroneously added as non-payable when billed with a 26 modifier.  These codes include:  P3001, 80500, 80502, 85060, 85097, 85396, 86077, 86078, 86079, 88141, 88187, 88188, 88189, 88291, 88321, 88325, 88329, 88363, and 89049.  CMS is taking immediate action to correct an error in processing these claims.  It seems these claims are actually being denied as being part of the Grandfather TC change when in fact they are not.

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