CMS recouping Covid-19 advances as of March 30

April 8, 2021

Groups who accepted a Covid-19 Medicare accelerated or advance payment last year should soon begin seeing repayments deducted unless they’ve return the loan already.

In a recent press release, CMS announced the agency started recovering those payments as of March 30, 2021. Recoupment begins as soon as one year from the date you first received your advance, so be sure to watch for for those deductions from your future Medicare payments if they have not started already.

The recoupment should appear in remittance advice as an adjustment in the provider-level balance section for Part A and B claims. As a reminder, CMS will recoup 25% of a borrowers Medicare payments for the first 11 months, before raising the takeback to 50% for the next six months.

Last spring, CMS expanded the agency’s existing accelerated and advance payment program for Medicare participating physicians and other providers to ensure they have resources needed to combat COVID-19. On April 26, 2020, CMS announced it had suspended program, partly because Congress appropriated $175 billion for health care provider relief payments.

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