Complete rundown of state stay-at-home orders, elective surgery timelines

April 27, 2020

As the country looks to gradually open back up as state’s adjust their COVID-19 responses, we will look to keep you updated on the latest guidelines regarding elective surgeries and more. We will continue to update this list as new information becomes available. In the meantime, if you have questions about your specific state, feel free to reach out to us at 517-486-4262.

List last updated 5/5

StateCOVID Reopening GuidanceElectives Allowed to Resume (if date available)
Alabama:Stay at home set to expire April 30 – extended to May 15. Under the order, all employers, retail stores and beaches will be allowed to open subject to good sanitation and social distancing rules
Alaska:Stay at home until April 21 – Alaskans can schedule elective surgeries on or after May 4 and visit their doctor’s for non-urgent needs.05/04/20
Arizona:Stay at home set to expire April 30 – extended to May 15 with modifications.05/01/20
Arkansas:No stay at home order issued.  Governor told reporters April 16 he wants to bring back elective surgeries.04/27/20
California:No set end date to Stay at Home order – state will begin allowing scheduled surgeries. Newsom emphasized the surgeries being phased back in are important medical procedures like heart surgery or removing cancerous tumors that should not be neglected. Elective procedures like cosmetic surgery are still not a priority.04/26/20
Colorado:Stay at home set to expire April 26 – replaced by “safer at home” – residents urged to stay home “as much as possible”.  Electives allowed to resume.04/27/20
Connecticut:Mandatory shutdown until May 20th.
Delaware:Stay at home order through May 15.  Expect this to be extended until the “public health threat is eliminated.”
Florida:Stay at home set to expire April 30 – Governor suggested FL could start with allowing elective surgeries.05/04/20
Georgia:Stay at home set to expire April 30. Governor Brian Kemp started to ease restrictions April 24. – Shelter in place for “medically fragile and elderly Georgians” in place through June 12.04/24/20
Hawaii:Stay at home set to expire April 30.  City of Honolulu has its own stay at home order through May 31.05/04/20
Idaho:“Order to Self Isolate” set to expire April 30.05/01/20
Illinois:Stay at home set to expire April 30. Amended to extend through May 30. Non urgent surgeries that have been put off due to the crisis can also now be scheduled in surgery centers and hospitals.05/01/20
Indiana:Stay at home set to expire May 1. In Stage 1 of reopening plan. Hospitals can conduct medically necessary procedures, including determining cancer diagnoses and cardiac issues, provided sufficient personal protective equipment, staff and other supplies are available for the COVID-19 response.04/21/20
Iowa:No Stay at Home Order, but all non-essential businesses closed until April 30.05/01/20
Kansas:Stay at home set to expire May 3.05/04/20
Kentucky:“Healthy at Home” order with no expiration date.  Kentucky will begin phase one on April 27, which will include restarting diagnostic, radiology, non-urgent, in-person, office and ambulatory visits.04/27/20
Louisiana:Stay at home set to expire April 30. Extended until May 15 with eased restrictions.05/01/20
Maine:Stay at home set to expire April 30 – extended through May 31 allowing some businesses to reopen on May 1.05/01/20
Maryland:No set end date to Stay at Home order.
Massachusetts:All non-essential businesses closed through May 4.
Michigan:Stay at home set to expire April 30 – extended through May 15 with relaxed restrictions.05/01/20
Minnesota:Stay at home set to expire May 3.  Peacetime Emergency extended until May 13.  Will allow some businesses to reopen beginning April 27.04/27/20
Mississippi:Shelter in place order set to expire April 27.  New “safer at home” will take place for 2 weeks.  State to start relaxing some restrictions.
Missouri:Stay at home set to expire May 3.05/04/20
Montana:Stay at home set to expire April 24.04/27/20
Nebraska:No state at home issued, however “21 days to Stay Home and Stay Healthy” campaign – hair salons, tattoo parlors and strip clubs closed through April 30, all organized sports through May 31.  A number of rules will be relaxed May 4.05/04/20
Nevada:Stay at home set to expire April 30. Recently extended through mid-May.05/01/20
New Hampshire:Stay at home set to expire May 4 – extended through May 15.05/04/20
New Jersey:No set end date to Stay at Home order.
New Mexico:Stay at home set to expire April 30. – Extended through May 15.
New York:“New York State on Pause” – schools and non-essential business closed through May 15. Some hospitals may resume elective outpatient procedures, provided they maintain adequate bed capacity for the COVID-19 response. Only hospitals in counties with fewer than 10 new hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients in 10 days will be allowed to resume these surgeries.04/28/20
North Carolina:Stay at home set to expire April 29 – extended through May 8.
North Dakota:No stay at home issued.  Governor has only shut down schools, restaurants, fitness centers, movie theatres and salons.  Governor hopes that some businesses will be able to reopen May 1.05/01/20
Ohio:Stay at home set to expire May 1. All health care procedures, including non-essential, dental, and veterinarian services, that do not require overnight stay in hospitals allowed to resume on May 1.05/01/20
Oklahoma:“Safer at Home” order for adults over the age of 65 and other vulnerable residents until May 6.  Elective surgeries allowed to resume April 24.04/24/20
Oregon:No set end date to Stay at Home order -Hospitals, surgical centers, medical offices, and dental offices that meet requirements for Covid-19 safety and preparedness will be able to resume non-urgent procedures on May 1.05/01/20
Pennsylvania:Stay at home set to expire April 30.04/27/20
Rhode Island:Stay at home set to expire May 8. Governor plans on entering “phase 1” May 8.05/08/20
South Carolina:“State of Emergency” executive order through at least April 27.05/04/20
South Dakota:No stay at home order issued.
Tennessee:Stay at home set to expire April 30. Extended to May 30 with revisions.05/01/20
Texas:Stay at home set to expire April 30.  Electives may resume based on guidelines provided.04/21/20
Utah:“Stay Safe, Stay Home” directive through May 1.  There is no stay at home mandate.05/01/20
Vermont:Stay at home set to expire May 15.05/04/20
Virginia:Stay at home set to expire June 10.05/01/20
Washington:Stay at home extended to May 31.
West Virginia:Lifted Monday May 4 with a new order – people not required to stay at home.05/04/20
Wisconsin:Stay at home order set to expire May 26.
Wyoming:No stay at home order.05/01/20

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