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OIG to Focus Audits on COVID Add-On Payments

The OIG has announced its intention to audit add-on payments for high-throughput technology made by Medicare for COVID-19 CDLTs. These audits are expected to begin in 2023.

Items to Watch as the Public Health Emergency Winds Down

Due to a number of COVID funds being exhausted or close to tapped out, this is likely to be the final extension. Here are some items to keep in mind as labs and pathologists prepare for the potential end of the PHE.

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Pathology Job Market Struggling to Meet Increasing Demand

"Gone may be the days where one person who was more broadly trained could effectively advise whole laboratories comprehensively on what patients need and how to go about arranging that as an in-house offering," says Tara Luellen, Vice President of Lab Director Services.

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Timeline for repayment of Medicare Advances, recoupment rate

Impacted providers should expect to see 25% of their total Medicare payments to be recouped during the first 11 months of the repayment period. If repayment has not been completed within that timeframe, the recoupment rate will increase to 50% for 6 months.

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Will insurers pay for at-home COVID testing?

The concept is simple: you get an at-home COVID test, pay for it, take the test, and then send in the cost to your insurance plan for reimbursement. This is exactly what healthcare used to be. 

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