Evolution of Pathology Revenue

January 24, 2013

Pathology revenue is evolving in a negative way.  Many practices are working harder and collecting less.

Billing companies are changing, the technical component of the 88305 has been cut drastically, and hospital relationships with practices are changing.   How are you going to stay profitable? Who is guiding your practice in these tough times?

View the new issues that could be affecting you:

  • Molecular Pathology Procedure, Physician Interpretation and Report G0452
  • CMS Denies Professional Billing For Pathology Codes
  • CMS announcement on claims processing impact of fiscal cliff legislation

Many practices have switched to a small dedicated team of pathology management professionals: Vachette Pathology.

We are the company that works with you and your billing agency to help you stay strong in these times.  We guide and manage your practice to make sure your revenue is not failing.

We actively manage, this means we take charge of your revenue stream and make it increase.

Since we are not a billing company our only goal is to increase revenue.  We do this by auditing your claims and billing process, negotiating your managed care,  Part A, billing and collections contracts.

There are practices right here in Texas that have made a substantial increase in their revenue by working with Vachette.

Stop by our booth at the Texas Society of Pathology 92nd Annual Meeting and ask for a reference.

Mick Raich

Who's reviewing revenue strategy with you at this time?

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