Final 2018 MIPS feedback reveals more small bonuses

January 7, 2020

Finalized 2018 performance feedback for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System shows that 98% of participants avoided a penalty, which means corresponding 2020 Medicare payment bonuses will again be low.

Those who scored between 15.01 and 69.99 points will be capped at +.2%, while those who scored 70 or above can receive up to an additional 1.7% boost.

Courtesy: CMS

On the penalty side, those who received a penalty primarily chose not to participate in the program, as evidenced by the revelation that 98% of all eligible participants reported MIPS data in 2018. Penalties are capped at 5% of 2020 Medicare payments for those who chose not to report any data and therefore received a score of “0”.

Let us know if you have questions about your score or need help accessing your feedback data.

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