Florida Medicaid cuts several CP codes from fee schedule

May 20, 2020

Pathology groups and laboratories in Florida are now seeing the cuts in their reimbursement after Florida Medicaid cut several of the professional component (PC) rates out of their fee schedule for clinical pathology (CP).

For background, Florida is one of few states where Medicaid still pays for the PC of CP work. However, as of Jan. 1, many of the codes on the fee schedule that previously paid both the PC and technical component split now only include a rate for global payments. There are just a handful of codes that will still recognize both the technical and professional components separately.

Despite an extensive search of the Florida Medicaid website and even its archives we have not been able to find an actual communique on this change, despite confirming with our clients that it is now in effect.

Please see the attached spreadsheet for a full breakdown of the affected codes.

Call us for a complete breakdown of these changes by CPT code: 517-486-4262. 

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