Free Webinar: Strategies for maximizing Covid opportunities in 2021

February 1, 2021

With the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency now set to stretch into at least mid-April 2021, labs and pathologists working to meet the testing demand must continue to refine their strategies as it becomes increasingly clear this will be a significant line of business throughout 2021. Testing providers must work not only to meet public demand, but also must contend with ever-shifting payer policies and the recent Medicare payment reductions brought on by the U0005 add-on code.

Vachette CEO Mick Raich, along with VP of Client Services Ann Lambrix and Quality Programs Coordinator Alex Mitchell, reviewed strategy for maximizing revenue opportunities in 2021 amidst this environment during our most recent webinar on February 9. Topics discussed include:

Understanding the latest rules and regulations for COVID-19 testing and billing, including early returns on the use and payment of the U0005 Medicare add-on code for two-day turnaround times:

–Examining early issues that have arisen surrounding the use of this code.
–Documentation you should be maintaining when billing for U0005.
–Other recent coding and billing changes introduced in 2021.

Examining the recently passed No Surprises Act and how it will interact with existing state regulations on surprise billing:

–What you need to know to keep your billing practices compliant when the law takes effect in 2022.
–Potential opportunities that could arise due to this change.
–How out-of-network labs stand to be impacted.

What to expect when the Public Health Emergency is allowed to expire:

–Waivers, including those for Stark Law, that will be revoked.
–Cost-sharing reinstituted for commercial payers?
–Preparing for audits.

And more!

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