Free webinar: What’s next for Covid labs? Testing and revenue strategy moving forward

March 4, 2021

If the early months of 2021 have proven anything, it’s that Covid-19 testing is here to stay for the foreseeable future. However, with case numbers declining as vaccines become more widely available, it’s time for labs who have invested in the business of Covid testing to consider future lines of business.

Mike Ricciardi, founder of Miami Medical Consulting Corp and a PhD candidate (completion in April 2021) with expertise in infectious diseases and their associated diagnostics and therapeutics, joined Vachette CEO Mick Raich and President Ann Lambrix on March 16, 2021 to discuss new strategies for utilizing antibody testing to measure the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines. With members of the general public anxious to better understand their immune response to the vaccine, this is expected to be a significant line of business in the near future.

Other topics discussed include:

  • How to compliantly bill for second-run Covid-19 variant tests.
  • The HHS push to conduct an additional 25 million tests per month.
  • What to expect for future Medicare reimbursement.
  • Review of what tests must be covered without cost-sharing in light of the Biden Administration’s recent Executive Order.
  • Documentation to maintain when billing for screening tests.

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