Happy Halloween Blissfield

October 29, 2010

Vachette Pathology has been located on the corner of Giles and Jefferson in the big two story grey house at 111 Giles in Blissfield, MI since 2007. The town, the location and the great community has been a perfect fit for our company. Our employees enjoy the quiet setting and can often be seen sitting on any one of our three porches enjoying their lunch in the surreal surroundings on a warm day. We like the fact that over time, we are getting to know people and creating friendships with the faces we see on a daily bases.

One of the ways we have been showing our appreciation to Blissfield, is passing out candy to the trick or treaters during Halloween. Since 2007, we have passed out 1,800 ¼ lb Hershey bars. This Halloween will be no exception, we have purchased 750 ¼ lb Hershey bars to pass out to the trick or treaters of the great town of Blissfield.

Thank you Blissfield.

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