Hospital Administration Consulting

  • How do you determine the adequacy and quality of your pathology services?
  • How do you know if you are collecting enough to pay your salaried pathologists?
  • Who audits your pathology billing?
  • How well is your current pathology business model working?

Maximize the Value of Pathology and Laboratory Services with Bespoke Hospital Administration Consulting

  • Are you receiving maximum value for the pathology services you purchase?
  • Are you paying more than you are collecting for pathology services?
  • Does the business model by which you engage pathology services provide maximum advantage to the hospital?
  • Does a contractual, salaried, or blended model serve the hospital best?

How Can Vachette Help You?

Vachette Pathology has worked the “other” side of the table negotiating Part A contracts. We have successfully worked with over 200 pathology and laboratory practices across the nation helping these groups maximize their revenue and gain a strategic advantage. We have over 15 years experience representing pathologists in negotiations; we know what it takes to make a mutually beneficial Part A contract.

Vachette Pathology offers a unique list of hospital administration consulting services to help you achieve a beneficial and profitable relationship:

Maximize Profit Margin

  • Structure and negotiate profitable pathology and laboratory contracts.
  • Evaluate your pathology reimbursement model for maximum revenue.
  • Generate revenue through payment and reimbursement audits.

Increase the Value of your Pathology and Laboratory Services

  • Assess pathology and laboratory needs of the medical and hospital staffs.
  • Design management structures that best achieve your hospital’s strategic goals.
  • Develop benchmarks for pathology and laboratory services.
  • Create a standard for quality and conduct peer reviews.
  • Audit laboratory and pathology practices for maximum efficiency.

Recruit and Develop Pathology and Laboratory Personnel

  • Provide the best possible staff to meet your needs from the Medical Director down to the pathologists’ assistants.
  • Design your pathology departmental structure, organization, and management.
  • Introduce “lean” production techniques.
  • Supply long and short-term pathologist coaching.
  • Ensure Compliance with Government Regulations and Laboratory Accreditation.
  • Audit pathology billing and compliance.
  • Perform CLIA and CAP mock laboratory inspections.

Contact us today to learn more about our hospital administration consulting services and how Vachette Pathology can help you!

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