i-Path Releases the First Digital Veterinary Atlas of Pathology

December 9, 2009

i-Path Diagnostics has announced a collaboration with researchers at Michigan State University to release the first digital Veterinary Atlas of Pathology. The atlas will be in the form of a Virtual Slide Catalogue comprising approximately 1500 virtua lslides.  Hosted online, the slides can be accessed using i-Path’s Virtual Slide Platform, PathXL.

The content has been provided by a prominent Veterinary Pathologist based in Michigan State University.The material is a complete set of neoplastic diseases for every species with case histories, annotations and standard images attached to each slide.

Structured by 13 individual Organ Systems, and therefore easy to navigate, the online atlas contains approximately 1500 virtual histology slides, all scanned at x40 magnification.

Eileen Regan, Client Services Manager at i-Path states, Taking inspiration from Fletcher’s – Atlas ofTumour Pathology, the researchers at Michigan State University wanted to improve reference materials available to Veterinary Pathologists and create a virtual slide e-book. As there are no veterinary books published in this area at present, i-Path has been very excited about creating this digital Veterinary Atlas of Pathology. Veterinary Pathologists across the globe will now be able to access this unique and expansive reference resource, online,from anywhere at any time. ” 

Stuart Harvey, CEO at i-Path adds“The collaboration with researchers at Michigan State University gives us an essential and prestigious reference site. There’s a growing recognition in the US and other global markets that our technology allows for cost-effective knowledge sharing.This Atlas adds to the varied list of digital slide catalogues we have already brought to market, establishing us a go-to company for digital slide content for educational organizations in the field of pathology.”

For more information, please visit us online at www.i-path.co.uk

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