In the Spirit of Christmas

January 3, 2011

Since 1947, The Cherry Street Mission located in Toledo, Ohio has served homeless and low-income individuals. The doors are open 24-7 to provide food, clothing, shelter and other vital services including: literacy and vocational training, resource networking and job readiness assistance.

In February 1995, the Mission began the much-needed outreach center for women, called the Sparrow’s Nest. The Sparrow’s Nest provides safe emergency shelter for single women, with food, clothing and hygiene items.

Each day, between their Madison Food Service & Community Center and Sparrow’s Nest facilities, the Cherry Street Mission serves more than 600 meals to the hungry men, women and children in the community.

Our own Kevin Meidt along with his two grandchildren, Madison Pakulski (age 11) and Chase Czekaj (age 8), volunteered their time this Holiday season. They served three days in late December to help the Mission serve meals to the 52 plus women who are in need.

Kevin took the initiative and called to volunteer with inspiration from Mick Raich, President/CEO of Vachette. Mick has a simple motto, “Do good things”, which he not only preaches but practices, as you’ll see from his recent Blog post

Through the culture he has created within Vachette, along with the spirit of the Holidays Kevin felt it was the right decision to give back to the community. “It was also a great opportunity for me to lead by example and teach some life lessons to my grandkids,” says Kevin Meidt of Vachette Pathology.  After a wonderful, uplifting experience, the Meidt’s New Year goal is to continue to help the Mission by serving meals on weekends throughout the year as they are needed.

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