Large Commercial Payer Under Pays for Prostate Biopsy Code G0416

February 12, 2015

Better look closely at your billing.  Why?  We found a large commercial payer which is not paying according to contract.

Why would this matter if you are a professional provider billing under the CMS physician fee schedule?  Well, take a look at the prostate biopsy code G0416.  Per the carrier contract, the G0416 is to be paid at 125% of the insurance fee schedule; however, the carrier has been recognizing this G0416 under the contracted amount for “all other HCPCS codes,” which represents 70% of Medicare.

Is this costing you money?  How are you going to handle this loss and renegotiate a fair payment?

According to the contract:

G0416-G0418 125% of Carrier’s designated fee schedule
All other HCPCS codes 100% of Carrier’s designated fee schedule


Who's reviewing revenue strategy with you at this time?

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