Legislation Updates

December 13, 2010

Congress Delays SGR Cuts: On Thursday, 12/09/2010, the House of Representatives passed a one year fix that will postpone the 25% Medicare cut that was scheduled to go into effect January 1, 2010 for one year. Furthermore, the grandfather provision that allowed Independent labs to direct bill the technical component of Medicare hospital patients was extended by one year.

Physicians Exempted from “Red Flag Rules”: Tuesday, 12/07/2010, the house passed the “Red Flags Program Clarification Act of 2010.” The passing of this act will limit the type of creditor that must comply with the red flag rules. The main point of concern is physicians are exempted and do not fit under the definition of the term creditor. This is noteworthy because it does not make the tedious disclosure requirements mandatory on physician billing.

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