Looking for a registry to assist with 2017 MIPS? Check out the full CMS list

April 20, 2017

With the inaugural reporting period for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System now underway, physicians should be preparing to report their quality metrics and practice improvement activities if they’re not participating in an Advanced Alternative Payment Model that exempts them from MIPS.

While many individual physicians and groups were able to survive the Physician Quality Reporting System through claims-based reporting, the expected elimination of that reporting method after 2017 means groups should be considering their options to get on board with a registry that can assist with MIPS reporting.

Late last week, CMS released its list of approved registries for 2017. The full list can be viewed here.

CMS-approved registries and clinical data registries collect quality data from a clinician or group practice and submit it to CMS on behalf of MIPS participants. Unlike claims-based reporting, which essentially sets a reported measure in stone once an applicable claim is submitted to CMS, registries can provide ongoing feedback on your reporting before it’s finalized to help ensure you’ve reported to the best of your ability, as opposed to waiting for CMS to provide feedback on your work more than a year after it’s been submitted.

One of the most noteworthy new additions for Pathologists is the Pathology Quality Registry offered by the College of American Pathologists. While the registry is not expected to go live until it can be unveiled at the CAP annual meeting this fall, CAP officials have said they plan to offer an additional eight pathology-specific quality measures in addition to the eight that have carried over from PQRS (although they’ve yet to reveal what those measures will be). This means that groups who previously had little hope of receiving a bonus due to a lack of applicable measures may now have more options available to them.

Typically, we’ve seen these registries cost groups about $300-$400 per reporting physician. However, we strongly suggest you attempt to negotiate a better rate if you’re part of a large group. Feel free to contact Vachette if you’ll be utilizing a registry for the first time this year. We’ve worked with several registries on behalf of our clients and would be happy to provide guidance to help you find the partner that can best help your group maximize its MIPS scoring potential.

While there are numerous registry options available, you’ll want to be sure you only consider registries that support the quality measure groups or individual measures that are applicable to your practice.

Keep in mind that Vachette also offers additional guidance that can help you or your practice work through the numerous changes to value metrics. For the cost of a few specimens per month, we will ensure you do not lose any money during the transition from PQRS to MIPS. Contact our office at 517-486-4262 today so we can help you get started!

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