Pathology Charges, Payments and Salary Trends in 2016 — White Paper

January 14, 2017

This white paper will look at pathology charges, payments and salary trends as of December 2016. I have done this review several times throughout the past 14 years of my career to shine a spotlight on the “real” compensation of pathologists. Our data comes from private practice pathologists, not from academic centers or salaried groups. We received assistance with the data collection process from several billing firms, including Physicians Professional Management Corporation of Lewiston, Maine; APS Medical Billing of Toledo, Ohio and several other sources. Many other billers were contacted with a request to help us gather data, however, they all declined. We also used data from more than 95 pathology practices in the 2016 Vachette Pathology database. In total, our study looked at the compensation of more than 550 pathologists in 2016.

This study also examines Medical Director and Part A compensation, anatomic pathology billing and collections, clinical pathology billing and collections and independent laboratory billing and collections.

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