Pathology Residents

Are you Prepared to Tackle the Business Side of Your Profession?

If you are a pathology resident, you are on the verge of completing your extensive training and are beginning your search for a full time position. As a trained medical professional, you understand your discipline without question, but are you prepared to tackle the business side of your profession? Find out how to get the best compensation package, employee benefits, bonuses and relocation terms from potential employers.

Items to Consider

  • Pathology Employment Agreements
  • Buy-in / Buy-out options
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Type of Practices: independent labs, hospital based practices, etc.

Let Vachette Help You

Here is your chance to learn what it takes to negotiate a fair and reasonable employment contract. Vachette Pathology will speak with you free of charge to help you start your new career off on the right foot.

In total, Vachette has consulted with over 200 different practices in 48 states.

One-on-One Consulting

A representative of Vachette will gladly speak one-on-one with you. Please call 517-486-4262 to schedule some time to talk. You may also email Mark Dietz, National Sales Executive, directly at, or stop by Vachette’s Facebook page.

Who's reviewing revenue strategy with you at this time?

Are you billing all the correct CPT codes? You’d be surprised at what you might be missing. We will review your Fee Schedule/Charge Master at no cost.

That’s right. For free.

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