PathXL Successfully Integrated with Leica’s SCN400

January 26, 2010

January 2010; Following on from the September 2009 release of Leica’s SCN400 Scanner, i-Path is pleased to announce support for the device with several UK trial customers.

This news has reinforced i-Path’s commitment to remaining “scanner neutral”. As a result, i-Path can now support all major scanner manufacturers including Leica, Hamamatsu, Aperio, Zeiss and BioImagene.

Because PathXL remains “scanner neutral”, customers are not tied in to use just one scanner manufacturer. i-Path recognizes that customers may prefer scanners for certain specialisms, so using PathXL they can choose the scanner best fitted to their requirements.

Therefore, a customer with a number of scanners is using PathXL software, they require only one interface rather than learning how to use multiple software programmes for education or research.

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