Clinical Lab Consulting

  • How is your lab going to stay profitable in the future?
  • Who helps you negotiate with ACOs?
  • Are you doing your own billing and losing money?
  • Who audits your revenue cycle?

We help private laboratories:

  • Align testing menus with their front-end processes to ensure healthy and consistent reimbursement.
  • Evaluate coding accuracy.
  • Complete detailed revenue projections.

Vachette Pathology offers clinical lab consulting that allows private laboratories to focus on what they do best. Our team helps by looking at how your business is run on a day-to-day basis, focusing on areas that can be improved. We provide detailed instructions on the concrete steps you can take to improve every aspect of your laboratory.

With more than 200 years of combined experience in clinical lab consulting, we have the knowledge you need to grow your business. Specializing and working exclusively with pathological and clinical laboratories, we offer insight into the latest industry trends and how those can be incorporated into what you’re already doing.

Vachette Pathology works closely with you to develop practical methods of improving your bottom line while securing the future of your business.

Clinical Lab Consulting

While Vachette Pathology will work with you to improve your billing and collection process, including the renegotiating of contracts to improve your lab’s cash flow, we also offer a variety of other clinical lab consulting services. We can help your company grow by securing your CLIA certification and CAP accreditation. We’ll also work with you to find methods of improving the delivery of the services you provide.

Vachette Pathology’s experts help grow your business by educating your sales team. We can teach them methods that better allow them to connect with potential clients, educating them on customer preferences, market trends, and more. For more information on any of our consulting services, contact us today.

Who's reviewing revenue strategy with you at this time?

Are you billing all the correct CPT codes? You’d be surprised at what you might be missing. We will review your Fee Schedule/Charge Master at no cost.

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