Some billers charging to process COVID relief funds

May 12, 2020

Did you know some billers are charging a fee for processing the lump sum HHS Provider Relief funds? This money was given to practices last month, equal to roughly one month of their Medicare payments. This was given to all providers to help cover the cost of lost revenue due to COVID. Now they are being charged their billing fee on this? This is a time of financial struggle for many laboratories and pathology practices and it’s unconscionable to see firms charging for these funds. It is flat out price gouging.

We have found several billers who are charging for “processing” this lump sum to our laboratories or practices. There is no direct billing involved in these funds, and therefore, no direct cost to the billers. Here is what you need to do to prevent paying extra for this: 

  1. Review your invoice to see if there are special notices on charges for this deposit.
  2. Compare your billing collections and the actual amount deposited by your biller. If they do not match, then you may have issues. 
  3. Call us with questions!

It amazes me to see this taking place. In this time of struggle, Vachette has lowered our fee to all our clients as they struggle to recover. To see these companies pad their invoices at this time is completely unscrupulous. 

Review your invoice and call us with questions. We can help you solve this problem, ensure your revenue is correct going forward and if need be, find you a new biller with a modicum of ethical behavior. 

Mick Raich



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