Thanks for investing in me (Employee letter)

June 22, 2016

At Vachette Pathology and Stark Medical Auditing and Consulting, we believe it’s important to not only invest in our clients, but to invest in our personnel as well. That’s why we enroll each of our new team members in Leadership Management International’s Effective Personal Producivity program. The course not only helps increase productivity by teaching how to set and achieve clear goals for each day, but also helps employees become better overall communicators and team players. Below is a letter written by Cody Raich, executive data analyst for Vachette and Stark, after he recently completed the EPP course. Cody is the son of Mick Raich, founder and president of Vachette and Stark.

Cody Raich, executive data analyst.

Cody Raich, executive data analyst.

Michelle Miller and Dad,

In December, I started working at Vachette Pathology as a non-intern for the first time.  My ‘other’ Vachette duties have been trash man, landscaper, and cleaning crew. I always envisioned myself working at Vachette for a large part of my upbringing.  Seeing my dad attend tradeshows in his fancy suits and shiny shoes always made me envious and also proud.  (Then I grew up. Just kidding).

I never really understood what Vachette actually did for a long time.  I never understood the world of medicine.  The HCFA’s, the co-pay’s, all of it, seemed so foreign to me.  Over the past few months, I’ve really started to hone in on the services that Vachette provides.  I’ve been able to see with my own eyes the kinds of value that we provide our clients.  We’re simply there for them.  They have a problem and before anyone, Vachette comes running.

Back to me.  Starting out, I really wanted to get in on the services. I really wanted to be able to help our clients.  Basically, like every team, I want to be a starter, not a benchwarmer.  In order to start, I had to hone my skills.

I hadn’t been on Excel before December for years.  The idea of me in a cubicle to myself sounded like an early introduction to my coffin.  I had grand plans of travel and exploration.  I wasn’t heading towards exploration, I wasn’t heading towards travel, I was heading towards a disaster.  So I got out.

My dad has been saying for years that if I ever needed to get out, reset, and try anew, that I should contact him.  I reluctantly did that.  I’m crass to a fault, risky to a fault, stubborn to a fault, and certainly proud to a fault (I wonder where I got that from).  All those things are nice, but they don’t grow you up. Sometimes you have to put away pieces of yourself, and try to conjure up different things I know I have deep down, but was too afraid to retrieve. Things like hard work, dedication, loyalty, character.  Basically all the things that any young adult shouldn’t avoid but does out of fear.

I have always been incredibly scared of starting my ‘career.’  I am afraid that if I attempt greatness and fall up short that I’ll never be able to be happy with myself as a failure of greatness.  I never wanted to be a champion of good; I wanted to be a conqueror of the extraordinary.

Enrolling me in EPP meant a lot.  It means a lot to be invested in.  To me, I took it as, “I know there’s more in you.”  Well, I certainly will be doing my best to prove you right.  I appreciate so much the lessons I learned and will do everything I can to be the best, most accountable, most reliable worker I can be.  I hope that the return on investment is paid tenfold.

It’s really special to work at a place who invests in its employees as much as it invests in its clients.  Thank you so much for giving me all the opportunities to continue to attempt ‘greatness’, because we all know “goodness” is what the ‘other guys do.’ At Vachette, we are the benchmark, we are the ubermensch.

Thank you for your belief in me,

Cody Raich

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