Timeline for repayment of Medicare Advances, recoupment rate

March 14, 2022

By: Dyana Williams, Client Manager

The Medicare Accelerated and Advance Payment Program allows contracted providers to apply for an advance payment through the Medicare program equal to or less than the amount paid to them by Medicare in the previous 3 months. These funds are typically made available during natural disasters to support providers through claim disruptions. This program was expanded through the CARES Act in March 2021 to support providers financially during the disruptions caused by issues related to the pandemic.

Medicare recoupments on claims began in March 2021 for those providers who had initially borrowed those funds. Impacted providers should expect to see 25% of their total Medicare payments to be recouped during the first 11 months of the repayment period. If repayment has not been completed within that timeframe, the recoupment rate will increase to 50% for 6 months.

If your practice borrowed these available emergency funds, please review the sample infographic below to determine when you might expect recoupments to begin, and to what extent.

Courtesy: CMS

Please refer to this guide from WPS Government Health Administrators for more details

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