UHC indefinitely delays Lab Test Registry

July 2, 2021

UnitedHealthcare announced Thursday it is delaying implementation of its Lab Test Registry “until further notice” due to Covid.

In a notice announcing the move, UHC said there is no need to register or place unique test codes for non-genetic tests at this time. However, the registry is still in use for the Genetic and Molecular Lab Test Prior Authorization & Advanced Notification (PAAN) program.

As a reminder, the program requires freestanding and outpatient hospital lab claims to include unique test codes for in-scope lab test services. The codes will serve as the lab’s unique identifier that a physician would use to order a test (aka “test code, “order code, or “test identifier”). Claims without the codes may be denied.

Initially slated to go into effect on Oct. 1, 2020, the program has been delayed several times amid significant industry pushback. It was set to launch Jan. 1, 2022 before this latest delay.

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