Update on the SGR and your Reimbursment

December 10, 2010

Yesterday, by unanimous vote, the Senate approved legislation required to avoid the 25% reimbursement cut related to the SGR (Sustainable Growth Rate). As you likely heard, the cut that was to occur on December 1, 2010 was postponed to January 1, 2011. The SGR fix has now been voted on again to impose a one-year freeze on the Medicare conversion factor.

The Senate proposal is not exclusive to the SGR problem and includes other topics as well. For further information, visit the News Page at www.compone.com.

Today, the House of Representatives has passed this legislation as well. The president has indicated he is in favor of this bill and will sign it as soon as it gets to his desk.

Therefore, the 25% cut to reimbursements affected by the SGR will be avoided through all of 2011.

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