Vachette offering new service options for 2018

April 6, 2018

Everyone knows Vachette specializes in billing audits and practice management, but we haven’t always done the best job communicating the other host of services we also provide. From employee productivity analyses, to helping you develop an effective sales and marketing strategy, you’ll be surprised at the variety of tasks Vachette can perform to ensure your lab or practice is performing at peak efficiency.

Check out the full list below for a comprehensive breakdown of our services. Let us know if there’s something you had in mind that isn’t currently included — we’re always willing to discuss special projects on a case-by-case basis.

Interested in learning more about any of our services? Call Vachette President Mick Raich directly at 866-407-0763 or email him at

  1. Referring Physician comparisons
  2. Part A compensation strategy
  3. Part A / TC payback / Client bill strategy and negotiation
  4. Managed care strategy
  5. Billing costs analysis
  6. Billing process audits and benchmarking and KPI development
  7. Managed care payment authorization /analysis
  8. Fee Schedule comparison
  9. MUEs and LCD, review
  10. Credentialing analysis, certified credentialing specialist on staff
  11. MIPS and value plan assistance
  12. Revenue projections with CMS updates
  13. Year over year practice comparisons
  14. Hospital joint venture strategy and negotiation
  15. Merger and acquisition strategy
  16. Productivity analysis
  17. Pathology compensation strategy
  18. Part A RFP assistance
  19. Account payable and account billable services and auditing
  20. Bank reconciliation auditing
  21. Certified CPT coder on staff
  22. Compliance plan development and auditing
  23. Billing auditing, revenue auditing
  24. Managed care negotiations
  25. Revenue projections and amortization for new business lines or service areas
  26. Lab sales and marketing strategy
  27. Collection agency auditing and negotiation
  28. ACO / PHO negotiation
  29. Billing transition assistance

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