Vachette Pathology is sweet on Blissfield

October 16, 2008

Vachette Business Services is Sweet on Blissfield.

Mick Raich started Vachette 6 years ago out of his home in Palmyra, MI. As the company grew, Mick envisioned having an office in Blissfield to help give back to community. Today,Vachette is a national company working with over 450 physicians as their practice manager and is known as the experts in our field. Vachette purchased 111 Giles in July 2007; we moved in four months later on November 2 and have been very happy with our new home. To help show our love and support for Blissfield, in 2007, we gave away 300 – ¼ lb Hershey bars to the trick-or-treaters for Halloween. This year to show our support for the great town of Blissfield, we plan on giving away 500 – ¼ lb Hershey bars and 500 cans of Mountain Dew to the trick-or-treaters of Blissfield.

Happy Halloween from Vachette Business Services

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