How proactive auditing can prevent fraud

Billing items that aren't billable, collecting dollars that don't belong to them -- every day we see different examples of unintentional fraud that could be prevented through routine audits and proactive revenue cycle management.

A troubling trend in denial appeals

Recently, we encountered a biller who had a policy in place stating they won't appeal denials below $500. While such policies are unfortunately becoming more common, it's still unacceptable for your bottom line.

How FOIA can boost your Part A contract

Miss our white paper on how to utilize FOIA requests to bolster your position in Medicare Part A contract negotiations with your hospital? Here's a brief rundown on what data you should be requesting from your Medicare Administrative Contractor.

Finding the sweet spot for small balance write-offs

The practice of writing off small balances is common across the medical billing industry, but the threshold for doing so varies wildly from practice to practice. The question you need to be asking is whether you're losing money because of your write-off policy.

Insurer slashes statewide payment rates by 70%

Imagine discovering a private payer cut your reimbursement rates by 70 percent! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a team of experts on your side to help navigate such a thorny issue?

Revenue changes for health care in 2016 … So far

Mick Raich, president of Vachette Pathology and Stark Medical Auditing and Consulting, has traveled throughout the country this year to various health care tradeshows and conferences to share his insight on how the health care industry's ongoing transition to value-based medicine will impact your revenue stream, and more importantly, what you can do to prepare.

Video: Health network consolidation, MIPS signal big changes for private practices

Vachette President Mick Raich shares his thoughts on the recent news that the Obama administration plans to begin rating health care networks based on the number of physicians and hospitals within a network and also discusses the new Merit-Based Incentive Payment System that will be used to grade physicians starting next year.

Who's reviewing revenue strategy with you at this time?

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