Webinar recording: How COVID continues to impact labs amidst shifting payer policies and government regulations

July 2, 2020

With the country continuing to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, many labs are now navigating reimbursement issues get properly paid for the crucial testing necessary to get states back to normalcy. From questions surrounding the billing of asymptomatic patients to understanding what is required to get your lab and equipment validated for COVID-19 testing, there seems to be more gray areas for providers to navigate by the day.

This was Vachette’s third free COVID-19 payment and reimbursement update. This time, we were joined by Lighthouse Lab Services President Jon Harol, who provided an overview of the current job market and whether or not the industry is currently meeting testing demand.

Topics covered include:

  • COVID-19 lab reimbursements: What issues are providers currently seeing across various settings? As more employers order asymptomatic and low-risk employees to seek testing, will there be reimbursement hurdles due to the potential lack of medical necessity?
  • Demographic reporting requirements for COVID-19 testing: How are labs expected to collect this data, and what penalties may they face for failing to report it?
  • Commercial payer issues, such as UHC’s new lab test registry that will be enacted this fall: Is now the best time for payers to forge forward with these new policies, or are they simply feeling emboldened by the current environment?
  • Big picture outlook regarding how the lab industry is currently being impacted: How has the labor force been affected? Is enough testing coming online to meet demand?
  • Updates on government relief programs, including HHS provider relief, PPP loans and Medicare Advance payments.

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